Astonishing Onsite Computer Repair in Mauritius

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Published: 16th April 2013
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(Part 1) On this island computer repair service is not new as compared to other developed countries around the world. Unfortunately, travelling from the northern island like Port Louis to Curepipe, however there are a number of difficult tasks. Having lived in Grand Bay for many years, and returning just over 25 years to Port Louis, the scene has changed drastically. Issues have been again in extra rural then, and naturally there was no internet.

In Moka to Eben, the inhabitants seem to live on one side of the island and work on the other. Since there are only two different ways to move around, highway traffic may be extremely jammed, and space for car park may be relatively scarce. So whether you could be trying to find a computer Repair workshop downtown to drop off your defective computer for repair, or prepared for an onsite technician to drive out to your place, time management could be a headache.

Onsite visitors Headache

If you're from Grand Bay, Cap Malhereux in Mauritius, or in the North Shore of Goodlands and round Grand Gaube, you will have to be dependent on an onsite repair technicians willing to drive to your home, or you move along the itinerary yourself. The problem with dropping off a defective laptop yourself is that most repair workshop open about 10 in the morning and close at 6 in the afternoon. You should both take one complete day leave from work hoping the highway traffic is fluid after getting off work, or simply wait till for another day.

For some reason, there aren't many repair shops I am aware of in Goodlands, Grand Gaube and all by the North Shore. Repair shops on the Grand Bay area are scarce, however I hardly ever heard that there could also be a repair shops out throughout the northern resort hotels. Nevertheless, probably they have not sufficiently advertised their business. When you have a Mac or pc, there may be absolutely an onsite repair shop properly known as Renovate Computer Dot Com which has his website accessible online, it is to be mentioned that not all workshop repair both PCs and Macs, and neither the onsite technicians would try to do.

My Negative point Of view About Computer Repair in Mauritius

Concerning pc repair for our valued Renovate Computer Dot Com clients, I have to fume a little bit. Renovate Pc dot com clienteles in Mauritius are furiously devoted to their inherent businesses. However within the circumstance of computer repair and they are on the lookout for a call technician, they always be on the lookout for a person who appears to be closer to the site.

In the event that they call you and also you actually have a physical location and supply both in-store and cellular providers, they get hung-up on your shop's bodily location regardless that they are calling for mobile service. The reality is that they do not know where the technician is coming from. The technician would possibly already be scheduled to be out in that space for an additional customer and may simply set an appointment for you as well.

They are not essentially just sitting around at one place all day waiting for you to call, so you just cannot assume where they are coming from. That will sound harsh however it always surprises me after we spend some useful time over the phone with a potential customer. Making an attempt to understand their laptop issues and convince them with our resolution to their drawback, and as soon as we point out that our workshop is in Port Louis at the side of Moka Range Mountains. They start backing out of the conversation almost as in the consequence that they thought they were doing us a sympathy and say cheers however not really thankful, we are going to just mention somebody somewhat closer.

I don't get it, and even after I can in good conscience say that I've a tech within the area already, they do not care. I do know other store house owners who get this identical response about onsite computer repair in Mauritius. The fact is that we are glad to serve customers within Mauritius, and we appreciate their loyalty once they lastly place confidence in us to repair their computer. However it is an obstacle starting that relationship. I would add that it's a spectacular drive to the West coast of Black River significantly must you get to drive again by the identical way back to Port Louis when you've got the time. (... be continued in part 2)

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